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  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Trump, Boris and Scotland - Following the racist comments made earlier this month by Donald Trump about a US judge of Mexican heritage, New Republic’s Jeet Heer tweeted this: As you can see from his tweet, Heer is both a thoughtful commentator and an entertaining one.  What the wit couldn’t obscure, though, is that the notion that Trump might in fact be for real … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For: Trump, Boris and Scotland
  • Our Own Goals - Perhaps the most widely held – or at least proclaimed – view of Scotland in the period since the referendum is that we’ve been left with a divided society.[1] It’s not always clear what exactly is meant by that.  It’s up for debate also as to how much of any division was always there anyway, … Continue reading Our Own Goals
  • Wannabe Leader - The Spice Girls told us what they really, really wanted (though quite what “zigazig ha” might mean I was never sure). The most coherent message within the song’s lyrics seemed to be this one: “If you want my future, forget my past . . . don’t go wasting my precious time .  .”. Pace the Girl Power … Continue reading Wannabe Leader

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