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  • What’s In A Name? - I put off writing this article until I felt sure that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US Presidential Election.   That didn’t quite work out as I had been expecting …   I would prefer not to see another President Clinton. Don’t get me wrong: I will have no problem with President Hillary, even if largely … Continue reading What’s In A Name?
  • More Poppy Outrage - In a world where the Middle East is engulfed by conflict, where democracy in the UK feels like it’s falling apart and where a lunatic is within a whisker of being the most powerful man on the planet, it’s hard to care much about the current stushie between FIFA and the football authorities of England … Continue reading More Poppy Outrage
  • Hobson’s Choice (What Is & What Should Never Be) - I once voted for Led Zeppelin.  I’m not proud of it now, but it seemed a decent option at the time. When I did this, the previous few years had seen two general elections and a referendum on continued membership of the European Community.  What faced me then  was a local authority election for a safe seat, which … Continue reading Hobson’s Choice (What Is & What Should Never Be)

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