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Site Content

As regards the content published on this website:

  • The intention is not to infringe copyright or any other ownership right.
  • Likewise, the aim is to avoid plagiarism of anyone else’s work.
  • That’s not to say that inspiration hasn’t been found elsewhere.
  • Some use is made of copyrighted material on the basis of “fair dealing” or “fair use”.
  • Anything copied directly from elsewhere is highlighted as being so.
  • If you have any objection to anything, please make contact to discuss this.
  • Specific copyright or other ownership rights may apply to an individual item.
  • If you have any question relating to republishing anything, please make contact.
  • Nothing should be taken as being advice of any kind.

No liability whatsoever will be accepted for actions taken by others, whether influenced by the content here or otherwise.


When leaving a comment, please do keep all aspects of it within the bounds of generally accepted reasonable behaviour.  In particular, do not make ad hominem attacks.

As regards any comment posted here:

  • It will not have been moderated before appearing on the site.
  • Any opinion expressed is strictly the commenter’s alone.
  • It may subsequently be removed if deemed appropriate, at the sole discretion of the website owner.
  • Non-removal is not to be taken as endorsement of any kind.
  • If you object to any comment, please make contact to discuss this.


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