King Kong vs Godzilla, Round 2

Or perhaps Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man . . .

Good summary of last night’s BBC debate to be found at the great Bella Caledonia site:

Flipper Flopped Flapped and Failed

For what it’s worth, I didn’t think Darling was significantly worse than he had been in the first debate.  Stark truth is that he stank on both occasions.  The difference was that Salmond didn’t turn up last time, whereas he had clearly got his mojo back for this one.

I’m guessing that he had been over-coached for the first session.  Don’t do this, tone down that, no upsetting polite folk. The lesson has to be: don’t listen to your media advisers; just being yourself is the best option as it’s always the one that rings most true.

No spin this time, just Darling through the wringer, mangling his own message.

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