Winners & Losers

There’s a very interesting post on Bella Caledonia about the need to have the belief that you’re a winner in order to become one in fact: Beyond Gallus Warriors And Heroic Defeats

I added a contribution to the comments on the article, which I reproduce here:

“Great contribution from Jonathan. It is indeed all about a winning mentality.

What’s happened over the last few weeks is that the Yes campaign has begun to look like a winner. In any context, once you’ve crossed that line (from being seen as a definite loser to appearing to have a chance of winning) then you know you’re on a roll. (Strachan’s Scotland comes to mind . . . ) It’s far more important than the actual content of the arguments you put forward.

Equally, once you begin to look like losing, you’ve got a real problem. For the No campaign, the desperate, last minute promises of more devolved powers may simply reinforce the appearance of panic. Nobody likes backing a loser.

The crucial battle is about the undecideds. On the day they’re going to vote for the side they think looks more likely to win.”

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